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Eminent Domain and the Appraisal of Your Property - What You Need to Know to Protect Your Rights. Hire an attorney, let the attorney engage the appraiser.

The Commercial Appraisal Process Explained - Highest and Best Use, The Cost Approach, the Sales Comparison Approach, The Income Approach; what are they, when when does the commercial appraiser use them and how do they relate to your property. In this article we explain the the commercial appraisal process and how the commercial appraiser develops a value conclusion using each of the three approaches to value.

Comp Checks, Value Checks, Comp Outs... What's Their Value? - Like residential appraisers, commercial appraisal professionals get many phone calls from individuals and real estate mortgage professionals looking for a "ballpark" value for a property "before paying for a full-blown appraisal." In this article we discuss the the practical, ethical and legal ramifications results of the practice of issuing "comp checks" for both the commercial appraiser and end-users of commercial appraisals.

Commercial Appraisal Fee Quotes  - Most Commercial Appraisers are confronted with the question, "Why does it cost so much?" after issuing a fee quote to someone who does not typically order commercial appraisals. Many people have been conditioned to think that if the appraisal of their home only cost $350, a commercial appraisal shouldn't cost much more than that.  In this article we discuss the commercial appraisal fee quote and its relationship to the commercial appraisal process.

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